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Everything surrounding us has been designed, but for who? Are medical design solutions equally suitable and inclusive for everyone? 

In my experience to date I have learned that some medical design companies can sometimes lack the personal understanding required to design for a specific need. It is time to consider the minorities in our society by implementing solutions through design.

The process of engaging with users and uncovering their life struggles, can be challenging on many levels but when I find a way I can positively impact on their life, it can be the most rewarding and satisfying feeling.

I am an organised and driven individual with skills for planning and precision, the dream is to continue my professional career in this field. I will continue to use my skills in research, prototyping and concept development within a dynamic and fast-paced product design firm. 

Skills: Sketching, sketch modelling, pitching ideas, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Solid works, Keyshot, On shape, Programming, Powerpoint, Prototyping, Observational skills, Public speaking and communicating ideas, digital prototyping, model making and photography. How can I as a designer, improve an individual’s life by making things accessible to their user specific need.